Social Security Agreement Between Australia And Greece

The Agreement does not affect the treatment of diplomats and consular officials under the relevant Vienna Conventions on diplomatic and consular relations. New Zealand and Greece have a social security agreement. The agreement includes the following benefits and pensions: Paula is sent to Greece by her Australian employer for two years. Paula`s employer must contribute in Australia under the Superguarantee legislation. Paula will continue to be covered by Australian superguarantee legislation and Greek laws, while she works in Greece – which is why a double super cover will occur when double super coverage occurs, the deal will come into force and release Paula and her employer from contributions under Greek law. Paula`s employer will continue to make super-guarantee contributions, as required in Australia. Australia`s social security scheme is a non-contributory scheme that does not require a person to have worked or paid taxes in Australia. It is based on the concepts of residence and needs and is paid on general revenue/taxes. The agreement does not apply to Australian self-employed residents working in Greece. They are not subject to the Superguarantee Act in Australia, so double super coverage does not occur. As a general rule, a certificate of coverage covers Australian workers for a maximum period of four years of employment in Greece. If you need coverage of more than four years, the agreement allows us to grant an extension only by mutual agreement with the competent agency in Greece and in certain circumstances.

Our bilateral social security agreement with Greece applies in the event of a double cover, i.e. whether you or your staff should pay super guarantee contributions (or equivalent) in both countries for the same work of your employee. It applies to the Australian Superguarantee Act and Greek social security legislation. If a person is included in their partner`s NZ Super or Veteran`s pension as an unqualified partner, the amount of the Greek benefit or pension is deducted from their payment and the remaining amount of the super or veteran NZ pension will be shared equally between the two of you. The bilateral social security agreement with Greece is in force on 1 October 2008. . Be sure to immediately return your life certificate or renewal form to Work and Income. Their benefits or pensions are suspended if they are not returned within eight weeks and cancelled if they are still not returned after 16 weeks. Persons considered self-employed by the Greek authorities but employed in Australia by an Australian employer may be entitled to a certificate of coverage, provided that their Australian employer continues to pay super-contributions for them in Australia. If you reside in Greece or intend to do so, you may be entitled to benefits or pensions from Greece and New Zealand. Yes. If you move to Greece to experience your New Zealand superannuation and veteran pension in Greece, you do not include payments for partners under the age of 65.

Before sending the employee, request a certificate of coverage online. If you have a disability, you can receive a disability allowance to cover additional costs such as regular doctor visits, medication, extra clothing, food or travel. Super Gold Cards are only available to people who have their habitual residence in New Zealand….