Test On Subject Verb Agreement For Class 8

For example, he is a good boy. (Singular subject, singular verb) They are good players (plural theme, plural) Question 3. Highlight the verbs in the sentences below and indicate whether they are in the active or passive voice. (i) Sita loves Savitri. (ii) The wall is built by the mason. (iii) Some boys helped the injured man. (iv) The man killed the snake. v) The food prepared by Asha was eaten by Ram. Answer: (i) Sita loves Savitri. – (Active) (ii) The wall is built by the mason. – (Passive) (iii) Some boys helped the injured.

– (Active) (iv) Man killed the snake. – (Active) (v) The food prepared by Asha was eaten by Ram. Prepared — (Active) has been eaten – (Passive) Types of verbs Word of Action Word A word of action says what the subject does. (build, laugh, walk, express) or exist. (is, are, were, were) Examples: Question 2. Specify whether the verbs highlighted in the sentences below have been used in their transitive or intransfivable forms. (i) Ants fought wasps. (ii) Some ants struggle hard. (iii) Ring the bell, Rama. iv) The vessel was shipped quickly. (v) This horse never happens.

Answer: (i) Transitiviv (ii) Intransitiv (iii) Transitivive (iv) Intransitive (v) Intransitive (v) Once your students have a solid understanding of subjects, preachers and objects, they are well prepared to develop complex masterful phrases. If you are looking for a quiz in the technical setting, we have two here for you. The first set of questions is simple and contains simple themes and composed with individual subtantifes or pronouns and verbs that must correspond accordingly, whether singular or plural. The second quiz deals with compound themes, complex phrases and specific names that take individual verbs. These verbal themes exercises to the piece with answers cover simple themes as well as compound themes that use “and” or “or” to connect individual themes. This quiz deals with subjects composed with a singular and a plural or pronounso noun as well as complex sentences. It`s a fun quiz, because it also covers special names that can be confusing, like collective names and names that end with an “s” but remain singularly. And no matter how class programs change, we`re still big supporters of sentence diagrams. With this classic but powerful tool, your students are experienced for success.

We could hardly exist in a world where subjects and verbs live in harmony. Verb A verb says what something does or exists. Examples: Action Verbs Although there are several types of verbs, today`s lesson focuses on action verbs. Action verbs tell what the theme of a sentence does. Words like navigating, climbing, swinging, swiping, telling and answering are action verbs.