Scanning Services Agreement

With our I:S3 intelligent document scanning service, we can enable your team to find any document and contract anytime from any device. We guarantee quality throughout the document scanning process and keep as precise as possible from preparation to digitization through indexing. In addition, we ensure that all regulatory requirements you are interested in are met. We use state-of-the-art document scanning tools to ensure excellent accuracy for each document image. We also make learning your business processes a priority so we can offer you the best service options for backfile conversion and ensure a better image process for the day ahead. This thoughtful, step-by-step planning allows us to develop the most cost-effective document analysis program that meets your needs. Many large organizations have so many legal documents, contracts, leases and case files that they can`t find anything. They are either on paper in filing cabinets, bankers` boxes, or in offsite memory – and may be flooded, incested – or they are electronic and are on a person`s hard drive, in file sharing somewhere, or in cloud file sharing (for example. B Google Docs, Dropbox).