S 106 Agreements Planning

Planning obligations should be negotiated so that decisions on planning applications can be made within the legal time frame or within a longer period of time, provided that a written agreement is reached between the local planning authority and the applicant. The 2019 regulations removed the limitation on the pooling of more than 5 single-piece infrastructure planning obligations. We will review the small land released by the government (for land of 1 to 10 dwellings with up to 1000 square metres of gross interior area) in the above guidelines for national planning policy. This page will be updated when Merton`s position is firmer (whether through progress in new local and London plans or through court decisions or planning remedies) to promote the implementation of its affordable housing policy (for these small sites) in relation to the government`s exemption. Local authorities should consider whether, if not, unacceptable developments could be made acceptable by the application of planning conditions or obligations. Developers must meet all the conditions related to their building permit. Conditions should be limited to a minimum and imposed only when necessary, relevant, applicable, precise and proportionate. In Merton, the s.106 agreements are used to guarantee contributions to affordable housing, in accordance with the local and London plan. Authorized development should, by its very nature, be planningly acceptable, so that planning obligations would generally not be necessary. Planning obligations that have been made should be limited only to issues requiring prior authorization and should not, for example, include contributions for affordable housing.

The local plan of the Mendip District Council contains the policies and proposals of the Council for Development and Land Use on its territory. The local plan also explains why and when planning obligations may be required to ensure that a town planning plan is in line with the local plan. Local planning policies that can lead to planning commitments include: in designated rural areas, local planning authorities can instead set their own lower thresholds in plans and seek affordable housing contributions from developments above this threshold. Designated rural areas apply to rural areas described in accordance with Section 157, paragraph 1 of the Housing Act 1985, which includes national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.