Parent School Contract Of Agreement

The contract is valid for a period of four years, i.e. until the student has completed his or her training at the International School. The terms of the contract may be changed in retrospect with the agreement of both parties. These changes primarily relate to requests from parents, guardians or students for other terms of services provided by the International School. In accordance with our open door policy, we are always ready to explain our rules and procedures to our students and parents. The fees agreed at the time of signing do not raise any question of change for the duration of the contract for the benefit of the legal parents/guardians. The work of the International School is based on collaboration with students and parents. Compliance with the rules and codes of conduct at the International School is intended to ensure the safety and health of students, as well as optimal conditions for the implementation of the programme and the educational impact. That is why we have developed the code of conduct that applies to both students and visitors to the International School. These rules are designed to help students achieve their best results in a safe environment. These procedures are strictly defined and must be followed. Parents should be familiar with the procedures and encourage their children to fully comply with the agreed measures. A parent, legal guardian or other natural or legal person who assumes responsibility for the student`s training, on the one hand, and the International School, on the other, sign the parent-teacher contract.

The contract regulates the specifics of the parent-school relationship with respect to their reciprocal obligations to educational services, where the international school is obliged to do so and the other party is obliged to pay financial compensation. The work produced by the student during schooling, which is carried out with materials from the International School, is the property of the International School. The parent/guardian agrees by signing this document. The parent/guardian and the student can check this contract in detail at the school secretariat. After admission, each student receives all the necessary textbooks, notebooks and additional materials. Textbooks, textbooks, computers and other school supplies are the property of the International School. All damage or loss of this property caused by the student is reimbursed in monetics.