Knicks Disagreement With Spike Lee

Now the Knicks will find without one of their most devoted fans. The conflict recalled the 2017 incident, when Dolan banished former dear Knick Charles Oakley from the arena. Meanwhile, Lee said with his well-known cackle, he has already been approached by the Nets, the Knicks` crosstown rivals, to participate in games. The Nets dug a gap among the Knicks on social media and posted a photo of Lee shaking hands with star Kevin Durant, along with a caption that read, “What`s with a photo of a handshake?” The team later deleted the article. Lee appeared Tuesday morning on ESPN`s first take and contradicted Madison Square Garden Chairman James Dolan and the statement the Knicks released Monday night in response to the incident. About 13 and a half years and more than 500 regular-season games have passed since the Knicks played in front of so few fans at Madison Square Garden, with one in six spots empty Wednesday night. After arguing with his beloved team, the filmmaker and Courtside Fixture said he was ready for the year. The Knicks doubled in saying he wasn`t a victim. The Knicks and Lee had a disagreement Monday night over whether the Oscar-winning writer-director could use it, but the team didn`t throw him out of Madison Square Garden during his game against the Houston Rockets. In the recent decades of turbulence for the New York Knicks, including the usual merry-go-round of coaches, general managers and team presidents, there have been some near-constants: overwhelming performances, the possession of James Dolan and the presence of Spike Lee in first place at the Denheim Games at Madison Square Garden. Some fans may have lost interest, but the Brooklyn-born filmmaker got stuck, at least until Monday night`s game against the Houston Rockets, where Lee was filmed during a violent argument with MSG security forces.

Anything would be a good reason to denounce the Knicks. But these are not the reasons why Spike Lee, the most famous Knicks fan in the world, announced his decoupling from the team. On one level, the feud is linked to Lee`s entry and exit privileges at Madison Square Garden, which, like tax evasion and the genes of paparazzi, have the kind of trouble in which you can only end up if you`re a wealthy celebrity. But dig deeper, and it will be a story of loyalty, a story of respect, a story of the good meaning of a handshake. Let me explain. Oakley, a former Knicks player, was violently removed from his Courtside seat during a game in 2017 to yell at Dolan and fight with security guards. He was later arrested. In no world are the Knicks considered great this season, they are 19-43 after the utah defeat and clearly have trouble training on all fronts. Despite the mediocrity, they came out of a thrilling victory over the Houston Rockets, a game that is now synonymous with Spike`s incident and not the ascending number. Lee has been a voice and ambassador for the team for decades, and obviously fans are standing with him after the incident he had with the top in-ups in the organization. There are other factors that could have led to this low number, the coronavirus, the declining numbers this season, or the fact that the 28th place of Jazz in the presence of the street, but the figures of this deep a few days after the quarrel with Lee, make the main reason for what happens seems obvious.