Building Society Savings Agreement

To obtain state housing assistance, savings can only be used for the construction or purchase of land occupied by the elderly or for transformations suitable for the elderly. In addition, the saver must have compulsory pension insurance. The amount is 175 euros per year if the saver pays at least 4% of the gross income of the previous year in the savings contract. For each child who is entitled to family allowances, an additional amount of up to 300 euros is paid to the contract. A real estate credit union is a financial institution that is owned by its members as a mutual organization. Real estate credit companies offer banking and related financial services, including savings loans and mortgages. Real estate credit companies exist in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand and once existed in Ireland and several Commonwealth countries. They are similar to credit unions in organizations, although few impose common borrowing. But instead of encouraging austerity and offering unsecured and linked loans, the goal of a real estate credit union is to provide members with mortgages for homes. Borrowers and depositors are members of the company that define the policy and appoint directors on a one-member basis with one voice. Real estate credit companies often offer other retail services, such as current accounts, credit cards and private loans. The term “construction company” was first developed in the 19th century in the United Kingdom from cooperative savings groups.

There are different subsidies for construction savers that they can benefit from. These depend on the income of the saver and whether or not the employer participates in the savings contract for capital-capital benefits. Subsidies come from the government and can help ensure that the loan is paid out more quickly or repaid more quickly. We summarized the main funding opportunities and explained to them that there were different computers on the Internet for that. The Stiftung Warentest offers a home savings calculator, for example, the current rates of all German construction credit companies in comparison. To do this, you need to know what your exact goals are. The calculator then determines which real estate and savings contracts are most appropriate for this – including savings amounts for home loans, savings rates and allocation dates. To qualify for the full benefits, you must pay at least 4% of your previous year`s social security income to the contract. Higher and lower limit values apply, up to or above, there are aids: 2,100 euros maximum and at least 60 euros. You can then include allowances and your own contributions to savings in the tax return as a right to deduct special expenses. So if you`re interested in asset accumulation, you`re usually going to do a lot better with other investments – for example, an ETF savings plan. In this way, you save a monthly fund in which a computer algorithm uses a stock index such as the Dax or MSCI World cards.

The process began in 1989 with the humilization of the Abbey National Building Society. Then, from 1995 to the end of 1999, eight companies became discouraged, representing two-thirds of the assets of real estate credit companies as of 1994. Five of these companies became equity banks (plc), one merged with the other and the other four were taken over by plcs (in two cases, after the conversion of reciprocity into a plc). In the end, most of the companies it wanted to maintain management in the late 1990s changed their affiliation rules after carpet shovels moved from one credit union to construction to avoid wind falls. The usual method used was that of the rules of affiliation to ensure that anyone who joins a society cannot benefit from the humilization in the early years. Once the chance of a quick gain was eliminated, the wave of discouragement