Xilinx Petalinux End User License Agreement

Reading and approving JLA PetaLinux is a necessary and integrated part of PetaLinux`s installation process. For users who wish to read the license agreement before installing or retaining the license for their registration, the license is available in simple ASCII text in the $PETALINUX/etc/license/petalinux-license.txt file. Tap Entry to scroll through the license agreement. Press to the end (or just press `q`). Press q (if not). Then press y: you have to use chmod x the file that has been downloaded. This has been added to these instructions. 8. Re-create now: ./ as the user you have defined. When using Petalinux, do I have to face other licensing restrictions to create a commercial product with a Xilinx SoC? I mean, all the binary binaries built by PetaLinux are finally distributed with the product. Do I also need to send open source licenses with hardware or a firmware update package? Does XIlinx provide legal advice on this subject? Petalinux is an open source tool and does not require a license, you can refer to ug1144 (page 12).

Only Petalinux`s end-user license agreement is required. I want to make a commercial product with PetaLinux 2018.2. That`s why I would like to make the license correct for each position provided. BitBake provides a legal information mechanism that I would like to use with petalinux tools. Is there such a path with petalinux tools? In this case, petalinux has been installed on: DEVDIR/home/caguero/devdirs/ultrascale/petalinux-install/petalinux-v2016.2-final/Also make sure that `` is enforceable. For this order run He installs the PetaLinux Tools directory in the directory /opt/pkg/petalinux. Create a petalinux project with a GNP, in this case ZCU102 The last installation instructions I can find are in ug1144-petalinux-tools-reference-guide.pdf. I`m looking for more information about the licensing agreements for vivado Design Suite. After downloading the `` file, you can perform these steps. For example: How to install PetaLinux Tools on /opt/pkg/petalinux: Download PetaLinux 2018.2 Installer (TAR/GZIp -6.15GB) File from above Link.