Which Of The Following Forms Of Interpersonal Power Is Based On Position And Mutual Agreement

The ability to manage other information, knowledge or knowledge (French – Raven 1959). Leaders with this type of power have great intelligence and rely on their ability to perform various organizational tasks and functions. This power allows you to combine the strength of reward in the right way. When someone has the know-how in an organization, people are more convinced to trust them and respect what they represent. If your know-how is appreciated, your ideas and leadership are also appreciated. The exercise of power is therefore based on the group`s acceptance of a person`s right to exercise legitimate control. Grimes notes: “What legitimizes authority is the promotion or pursuit of collective goals related to group consensus. The polar opposite, fact, is the pursuit of individual or specific targets related to the group`s compliance. 4 French and Le Raven have identified 5 forms of interpersonal power that managers use to influence other people and employees. The 5 forms are: – Three conditions must be met for the professional to work. In each power situation, at least two people (or groups) can be identified: the person who tries to influence others and the purpose or objectives of that influence.

Until recently, attention was focused almost exclusively on how people tried to influence others. It is only recently that we have ensured that people try to reduce or moderate such attempts at influence. In particular, we now recognize that the extent to which attempts to influence are successful is determined in large part by the power dependencies of those who are receiving attempts at influence. In other words, not all human beings are subject to the same (or dependent) power bases. What makes some people more submissive or vulnerable to power attempts? At least three factors were identified.11 Sources: Linkedin`s website accessed on November 12, 2018,; S. Sathian, “Executive Assistant is the new power job,” USA Today, October 14, 2014,; Mr.