Visa Exemption And Bilateral Agreement Thailand

Pakistani citizens must obtain a visa at all times when transiting through Thailand. [17] But soon after, government spokeswoman Narumon Pinyosinwat told the media that the denunciations were impeased because existing bilateral agreements had not expired. Hong Kong, Italy and South Korea will cancel the visa waiver policy. In practice, only Italians must apply for a visa to enter Thailand. Citizens of South Korea and Hong Kong can continue to enter Thailand without a visa under a bilateral agreement. The Foreign Ministry reaffirmed on Saturday that the lifting of the visa (VOA) on arrival for 18 countries and the visa exemption for three highly infected countries came into effect on Friday. (*) In accordance with visa waiver agreements between Thailand and SarS hong Kong and between Thailand and Macao SAR, all types of Thai passports, including diplomatic and official passports, are exempt from the visa requirement for a visit of up to thirty days to Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR. As a general rule, a foreign national wishing to enter the Kingdom of Thailand must obtain a visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate General. NB: Nationals of countries that have visa waiver agreements with Thailand who work or stay in Thailand beyond the agreed bilateral agreement apply for an appropriate visa to apply for a job or residence permit before entering Thailand. – The spouse/child who does not have a visa for immigrant O-X persons can apply for another visa without immigrants to stay in Thailand with the holder of a non-immigrant O-X visa.

– Foreigners entering Thailand on an O-X visa without immigrants can switch from a non-immigrant O-X to another type of visa by applying to the immigration office. The spouse and child`s visa authorization is changed based on the status of the principal applicant. However, the spouse may apply for O-X himself without an immigrant origin if he or she meets the required qualifications. MICE participants assisted by the Office of Conventions and Exhibitions of Thailand (TCEB) must apply for a TOURIST VISA in order to enter Thailand.