Uvic Family Housing Agreement

Long-term accommodation is available for families with or without children. The units are rented annually to eligible UVic students, up to a maximum stay of five years (or fifteen consecutive semesters) per family. The University of Victoria (UVic) has been offering special accommodation for UVic Aboriginal students in recent years, in collaboration with the Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement (IACE). This was formalized by an agreement with IACE. They offer: Four single beds for students (in clustered, two-bed apartments, two-bed townhouses and apartments), up to five family apartments (ranging from three-bedroom apartments and townhouses) for couples and students with family. Residence Services makes space available and works with IACE to prioritize and assign units. The university has LOAs with a small number of departments on campus in a similar pattern – they keep a number of beds on a given date in the summer, and if beds are not needed for priority students, the beds are returned to the general inventory of housing. Rental prices for family homes are audited and approved annually by the UVic Board of Governors. Since then, the ministry has developed best practice materials – including advice, collection centres, Aboriginal student accommodation, partnerships, transitions, mentoring, Aboriginal knowledge and evaluation and benchmarking, controlled by the B.C. Aboriginal Post-secondary Coordinators, Indigenous Leadership Roundtable, Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education and Training Partners, First Nations Education Steering Committee and Indigenous Adult and Higher Association Learning.

The summary below is intended to help teachers, administrators and staff in post-secondary institutions implement the state-of-the-art practices of student residence for Aboriginal learners and their families, whether by improving existing spaces or creating new spaces. Topics you may need to learn about everyday life in UVic family apartments: The university is currently planning a new student housing project that will build on the objectives of the UVic 2018-2023 policy framework, which defines the promotion of respect and reconciliation and the improvement of the residential experience for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. To achieve these goals in the project, UVic considers and advises specific reflections on landscaping, public use of cedar wood, art installations and an indigenous student lounge. The hope is to use the building as a means of educating, recognizing the traditional countries in which the project will live and the local indigenous communities whose relationship with the land continues. For the reception in the UVic family apartments, a family unit can be defined as one of the following: Kathryn MacLeod Director, Administrative Services 250-472-4866 Our family residence includes 181 units in the apartment and the layout of the townhouse, including some accessible units for residents with disabilities. Washing machines are available throughout the community. Visit the laundry site. The UVic Family Complex is made up of spacious townhouses and apartments set in attractive gardens set up next to the university Located on the corner of Finnerty and Sinclair Roads, this lounge is comfortable for students and their families, with proximity to daycares and schools. For all units, a security deposit of USD 750 must be paid in the event of acceptance of a family housing contract. To qualify for family housing, at least one parent must be registered as a full-time student.

Full licensing conditions can be accessed in the Family Housing Agreement.