Group Of Five Sponsorship Agreement

To learn more about each group, see the Guide to Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program. Once we have received these documents, we will add the new family members to Dad`s request and check to see if the sponsorship is still valid. The purpose of these guidelines is to help sponsorship groups plan sponsorship fees in preparing sponsorship applications for submission to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). For more information on the financial assistance that should be provided after the arrival of refugees, please refer to the frequently asked questions about the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program – Financial Support for SRS after arrival (PDF, 61.1 KB). There are no longer any restrictions on cases that can be submitted for private sponsorship of refugees from Turkey. The sponsorship group identifies refugees for sponsorship and files the refugee`s name via the sponsorship kit at the Winnipeg Central Processing Office. These are called refugees designated by sponsors. They are questioned by an official of a Canadian visa authority after the application for authorization has been filed. The Government of Canada will provide up to six months of income assistance through the resettlement assistance program, while private sponsors will provide an additional six months of financial assistance and up to one year of social and emotional support. Refugees are included in the interim federal health program for the duration of sponsorship (one year) in addition to national health care. The group of five are five Canadian citizens or permanent residents over the age of 18 who can help refugees come to Canada to settle in their local community. A group of five presents a settlement plan and proves that they have the money to sponsor a refugee for a year.

The appointment of a representative does not diminish the sponsorship group`s obligations to the IRCC. You must complete all the tasks of the sponsorship company described in the billing plan. All those who signed the sponsorship company also remain responsible. Among the parties to the sponsorship (also known as group members, sponsors or sponsorship group) is anyone who signs the sponsorship company as part of a group of Five (G5) sponsorship application. Each sponsor must sign and date the application. By signing, the sponsorship group declares that it understands the terms of the sponsorship company and that it is committed. If a signature is missing, the app will be returned to you without being processed. We accept scanned signatures. Make sure all contact information is accurate and accurate for both the sponsorship group and the refugees they sponsor. In order to assess your financial assistance capacity, the ROC-O-Beauftragte reviews the forms and all financial documents you have submitted. You must provide sufficient information and evidence to prove that you have sufficient financial resources to comply with the transaction plan.

If the ROC-O agent is unable to determine if you have enough money to cover the sponsorship costs, your application will be rejected. As a group of five, five Canadian citizens or permanent residents come together to sponsor a refugee and their loved ones in Canada. More people can join the group to provide billing assistance, but only five members of the group sign the required application forms. By welcoming refugees and signing the forms, the group is committed to helping financially, emotionally and with settlement assistance during the sponsorship period, which has generally become self-sufficient for 12 months from the date of arrival or until sponsored refugees have become self-sufficient (whatever happens first). According to 156 (1), the following persons are not entitled to sponsor: refugee claimants must meet the normal eligibility and legal criteria for private sponsorship of refugees in Canada.