Electronic Communications Agreement

By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, you agree, to the extent authorized by law, to accept all necessary communications, communications, terms and conditions and periodic declarations regarding PEX and your PEX (“Account Communication”) account in electronic form, which may include, at our discretion, emails sent to the service email address of the data set we have for you and the communications that will be published on the PEX website. For example, we may provide you electronically with one of the following information: To access and retain electronic communications, you need the following computer hardware and software: your consent and consent, as well as the provisions of this agreement on electronic communications, remain in effect with respect to your PEX account, Until (1) You revoke your consent by announcing your intention to withdraw your consent, at 1-866-685-1898 and by talking to a customer service agent or by writing to us at: We will notify you if there are any significant changes in hardware or software that are required to receive electronic communications PayPal. With your consent, you confirm that you have access to the necessary devices and that you are able to receive, open and print or download a copy of messages for your recordings. You can print or save a copy of these messages for your recordings, as they may not be available online at a later date. By indicating your consent to this electronic communications agreement, you confirm that: (1) the computer, mobile or other communication devices you use to electronically verify and approve PEX documentation and receive and access account communications in electronic form meet the requirements set out in the “System Requirements” section above; (2) You are able and have taken steps to confirm that you are able to access a PDF document with such a device; 3. They meet the conditions and, during the period of effectiveness of this electronic communications agreement, the requirements set out in the “Service Email Address” section above are met; and (4) We may send you account communications and other communications and legal communications regarding your PEX account in electronic and non-paper form, unless we reserve the right to send you legal and other paper communications, as stated in this electronic communications agreement. We can provide account communications in electronic form by any combination of (1) emails; (2) publication or access on THE PEX website; and/or (3) the ability to download or print a PDF file. (“PDF” refers to the Portable Document format created by Adobe Systems Inc.®). You accept and have the responsibility to verify without delay the account communications provided in electronic form and to take all necessary acts or actions that will be requested by us within the deadlines set in such a statement of account. Without limiting the above, you agree to immediately verify this account communication if we send you an email or other message indicating that an account statement has been published or provided on the PEX website. This directive describes how PayPal transmits the communication to you electronically. We can amend this directive at any time, as stated in the PayPal. If you are already having difficulty accessing an account release or other information we have provided to you electronically, check to see if you meet the “system requirements” above or call a customer service manager at 1-877-274-3390 for help.

You agree and agree to receive electronically all communications, agreements, documents, communications and advertisements (together “Communications”) that we provide as part of your trademark accounts PayPal (“Account”) and your use of our Services.